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C20 Working Groups

C20 Working Groups


Follows the progress of G20 on the anti-corruption action plans and advocates for transparency.
Climate, Energy
& Sustainability

Promotes biodiversity and just transitions to clean, sustainable, and environmentally-sound energy systems.

Calls for an update to the G20 Digital Government Principles to be inclusive of environmental and social dimensions.

Works consistently on promoting quality education, global citizenship education, education for innovation, financing for education.
Employment &
Social Protection

Dedicated to addressing the challenges of current and future job markets insuring that decent work opportunities exist for all.

Works on mainstreaming gender across policies by focusing on eradicating gender-based violence, harassment and harmful stereotypes.
Global Health

Works to insure inclusive and fair access Universal Health Care and quality healthcare systems and advocating toward financing R&D.

Promotes infrastructure investment while ensuring quality, transparency, climate-resilience, social and environmental safe guards.
International Financial Architecture

Promotes fair global taxation systems, fiscal transparency, combatting illicit financial flows and tax evasion, with sustainable public debts.

Speaks up for enhancing civic space for CSOs, and promotes the enablement of CSOs to achieve a positive impact on development.
Trade &

Calls for fair global trade for all developed and developing countries with investment as a force for sustainable development.

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The C20 Face to Face Meetings

Mar 22 2020 – Mar 24 2020
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The C20 has concluded its virtual Face-to-Face meetings with more than 260 representatives from civil society who discussed 8 different policy areas in their conversations with 27 G20 officials. Read more here.

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