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Civil society space has been shrinking across every corner of the world. The Local2Global Working Group aims to encourage the growth of local civil society space and increase the number of civil society organizations operating across the world, especially in the Global South.

The Working Group will drive the policy conversation to increase the ability of donors and funding to reach civil society, encourage adoption of policies to train and empower local organizations, and encourage governments, international bodies, and business to support civil society development.

Martin Tsounkeu
Martin Tsounkeu
Africa Development Interchange Network Organisations

Dr. Martin Tsounkeu is the General Representative of the Africa Development Interchange Network (ADIN) and Leading Consultant for the Bureau of Economic Technical and Commercial Studies (BETEC) in Cameroon. Martin worked on the impact evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals and, more recently, the Sustainable Development Goals. Over the last 30 years, he has worked with institutions including the World Bank and UNDP, as well as many international working groups, on topics including development economics, corporate structure, monitoring and evaluation and civil society.  He has also served as the National Coordinating Expert for the United Nations in Cameroon from 2013-2014 as part of the Post-2015 Development process. 

He is also a researcher specializing in Financing for Development, with a focus on the inclusion of local people through grassroots tactics.  He is the author of several publications and studies: “Chinese Investments In Cameroon: Examining the Trends, Challenges and Perspectives on the Environment And Communities” (WWF, 2014); “Smallholders’ access to credit and financing in the basic agricultural value chains and risk management” (FAO, 2010) and “China – Africa Cooperation and the Peculiarities of Chinese Development Assistance in Africa: The Case of Cameroon” (AFRODAD, 2011).

Dania Al Maeena
Dania Al Maeena
Al Oula (also C20 Co-Chair)

Dania Khaled Al Maeena is the Co-Chair of the official G20 Saudi Arabia 2020’s Civil Society Engagement Group. She is currently the CEO of the Aloula Nonprofit Organization, the first nonprofit in Saudi Arabia that aims to fight poverty through early intervention. Dania was previously the head of Zahra Breast Cancer Association and the Director of the Mini Jobs initiative at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. She is also a sports advocate and the co-founder of Riyadh United Women and Youth Sports Academy. 

Dania’s 17-year career spans various programs and initiatives around capacity building of Saudi youth and career counseling, enabling them to unlock their hidden potential beginning as student counselor in Effat University. Dania is passionate about social work and giving back to the underprivileged segments of Saudi society, specifically the empowerment of women and youth.

She was the winner of the Sayidaty Award for social and humanitarian work in 2015 and a winner of the King Khaled nonprofit excellence award (2018-2019). She holds a master’s degree in Mental Health from Queen Mary, University of London as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Mason University.