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One of the most critical elements for the full development of civil society organizations (CSOs) is to be able to act within an enabling environment that facilitates their daily work and that allows generating the necessary conditions to make substantial contributions to the problems of the communities in which they work.

Having this premise as a guide, this group aims to generate a space for debate around the enabling environment of CSOs, both local and global, seeking to strengthen the environment of action and influence of them within the context in which they operate.

Furthermore, this group seeks to generate greater knowledge and involvement of CSOs around the world in the participation and advocacy mechanisms of the G20; to be able to democratize the access to this type of key spaces in public policies and strengthen the CSOs from all over the world to achieve a continuous and meaningful involvement and participation in all the future G20 meetings.

As part of the exchange process that will take part in this group, the following lines of debate are proposed:

  • Establishing the right to freedom of expression and association of citizen and CSOs in national and global policy
  • The importance of enabling and defending free space for civic participation and action
  • Status of the enabling environment for meaningful involvement of CSOs in the world.
  • Elements to build a desirable environment that leads to the full functioning of CSOs.
  • Networking and the creation of regional / global coalitions.
  • Tools and mechanisms for advocacy in Public Policies.
  • Regional/local CSOs involvement in global issues.
  • The relevance of CSOs in achieving SDGs.
  • Critical issues and good practices for effective linkages between local and global.
  • G20 impact in Asia.
Tatsuro Niikawa
Tatsuro Niikawa
Local coordinator, Steering Committee for G20 Osaka Citizen’s Summit 2019.
Juliana Catania
Juliana Catania
International coordinator, Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional – RACI.