International Financial Architecture

International Financial Architecture 2020-02-04T17:07:04+06:00

The G20 Presidency has announced that its Finance Track will focus significantly on digitalization and new technologies, including advancing digital financial inclusion, particularly for women, youth and SMEs; utilizing the benefits of technology in infrastructure, while addressing the tax challenges arising from the digitalization of the economy; developing domestic capital markets as well as framing regulatory and supervisory issues for the digital era.

The C20 International Financial Architecture (IFA) working group will have to address and respond to the formal G20 agenda, while continuing to focus on the reforms urgently needed to realign global financial, fiscal and monetary systems with the agenda of human rights, people-centred sustainable development and climate action.

Stefano Prato
Stefano Prato
Society for International Development (SID)

Stefano Prato is a member of the C20 2021 Italy Planning Committee and serves as the C20 International Lead for the International Financial Architecture Working Group in 2020. He is the Managing Director of the Society for International Development (SID) and the Editor of SID’s Quarterly Journal “Development.” He also coordinates the Civil Society Financing for Development Group and serves on the Editing Team of the annual Spotlight Report on Sustainable Development.

He currently co-chairs the Steering Group of HLPF Major Groups and other Stakeholders Coordination Mechanism, co-coordinates the global Civil Society Nutrition Group, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Right to Food Watch. He actively participates in the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) of the Committee on World Food Security and co-facilitates the CSM Working Groups on Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Livestock and SDGs.

He is currently interested in the democratization of global economic governance, the architecture of nutrition governance, the corporate capture of food, agriculture and nutrition, and the political economies of inequalities particularly in Africa.

Osamah Alhenaki (also Co-Sherpa)
Osamah Alhenaki (also Co-Sherpa)
King Khalid Foundation

Osamah Alhenaki is the Co-Sherpa of the Civil Society Engagement Group (C20) and the Local Lead for the International Financial Architecture Working Group in 2020. Osamah is also a Director for Policy Design and Advocacy at the King Khalid Foundation where he co-leads the foundation’s advocacy for development of social protection policies and poverty and inequality research with an emphasis on SDG alignment and international taxation and progressive fiscal policies.

Previously, Osamah worked as a diplomat for the Saudi Foreign Ministry covering European politics and bilateral relations and trained at the United Nations in multilateral engagements.  He also worked as an advisor for the Oversight and Human Rights Committee at the Saudi Shura Council.