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Infrastructure is the foundation on which societies are built. Ensuring quality infrastructure is a key priority to bolster the sustainable growth and development of global and domestic economies.

The Infrastructure Working Group will advocate for strengthening infrastructure governance while preserving the sustainability of public finances, increasing women’s economic empowerment, and building resilience against natural and financial disasters. The Working Group supports building unified structures to support healthy infrastructure governance across global economies by ensuring quality control, transparency, and social and environmental safeguards.

Petter Matthews
Petter Matthews
CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative

Petter Matthews is an infrastructure and international development specialist with morethan 40 years’ experience. Petter is the Executive Director of CoST the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative which works in 19 countries to improve transparency and accountability in public investment and infrastructure. He is also the Executive Director of Engineers Against Poverty (EAP), an independent NGO that works to influence infrastructure policy and engineering practice to maximise the benefits of infrastructure investment for poor and marginalised people.

His involvement in international development began in 1989 as a Construction Manager for the Public Works Division of the Government of Tuvalu. Since then he has held senior positions with international NGOs and worked in more than 20 countries. His international postings included five years in South Africa (1993 –1998) in which he provided technical and policy advice to the Mass Democratic Movement on land and housing policy.

Petter has a track record of leading organizations, managing complex projects and achieving impact. His early career was in the UK construction industry as a bricklayer and construction manager. He has a BA Development Studies and Politics (SOAS, London) and an MSc in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries (LSE, London).

Fahad Bin Welah
Fahad Bin Welah
Saudi Engineers Association

Dr. Fahad Bin Welah is currently an assistant professor at King Saud University in the field of Engineering and Construction Project Management and a consultant at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. He is a member of numerous international professional bodies including the Saudi Council of Engineers, Project Management Institute, U.S. Green Building Council, American Concrete Institute and American Society of Civil Engineers.

He is also a Professional Engineer at the Saudi Council of Engineers. In addition, Fahad is a visiting lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has vast teaching, research and consultation experience at reputable universities and organizations. He has served as principal investigator on a number of research projects in Saudi Arabia. His primary research interests are in engineering sustainability, smart and sustainable infrastructure technologies, liveable and walkable cities, emissions and air quality measurements, public-private partnerships in infrastructure development, waste management, innovative sustainable construction technologies and materials, and green buildings.

Fahad obtained his B. Sc. in Civil Engineering in 2007 from King Saud University in Riyadh. In 2009 he joined the University of Birmingham where he obtained his M. Sc. in Construction Engineering and Management in 2010 and was awarded his PhD in Engineering Sustainability and Construction Engineering Management in 2017. He holds three International Patents and has published more than seven technical and conference papers.