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As part of the commitment reached by the UN with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, universal health coverage (UHC) is a global priority.  Global development is linked in all its parts and universal access to health crosses the SDGs in their entirety.

From a human rights perspective, comprehensive health includes access to reasonable services, sexual and reproductive health, family planning, free and systematic vaccination, plus prevention and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases. In this sense, access to universal health and individual welfare will only be achieved through governments and communities involvement in the strengthening of health systems and substantial financial support.

Through the C20 2019 Global Health Working Group we have a good opportunity to continue the previous work done by other actors, in regard to Global Health and Antimicrobial Resistance, while adding other global topics as HIV/AIDS, a pandemic with a global commitment by health systems that could be controlled by 2030 through proved evidence-based strategies. As well as Vaccines, a fundamental tool for public health established by the World Health Organization in the 2011-2020 global immunization vision and vaccine action plan.

Health crisis management, especially health emergency such as Ebola outbreak, is another issue under “health security” agenda with AMR. Additionally, ageing and health is other major issue in the health agenda of G20 2019 Summit.

Within the framework of the C20 civil society there is an opportunity to make these issues visible, the freedom to escape the restrictions of the public health sector and discuss, for example, regulation of advertising, promotion of healthy environments, tax regulations for products harmful, interventions on the environment, etc.

Masaki Inaba
Masaki Inaba
Local coordinator, Africa Japan Forum.
Kurt Frieder
Kurt Frieder
International coordinator, Fundacion Huesped.