Climate, Energy & Sustainability

Climate, Energy & Sustainability 2020-02-05T13:02:37+06:00

Recent extreme weather events and disasters have highlighted that climate action at all levels, with broad participation, is needed to address complex and pressing global issues.

The Working Group on Climate, Energy and Sustainability is committed to advocating for climate action, biodiversity, promoting environmental protection and clean energy transition through innovative and sustainable growth. The Working Group will advocate for strengthening sustainable development, promoting education on clean technology, and uniting the voices of civil society to implement policies that hold everyone accountable for protecting our environment. 

Enrique Konstantinidis
Enrique Konstantinidis
Climate Action Network

Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis is the head of the Climate Change Department of Fundación Biosfera in Argentina. He has also held the position of Coordinator for Climate Action Network Latin America (CANLA) since 2011, where he coordinated the efforts of all CAN members in the Latin American region.

Enrique has been involved in climate change negotiations since 2004. He started as a youth representative in the first COY in 2005 and then moved onto working in the CAN secretariat and as a consultant to environmental organizations. Enrique focuses on mitigation and agriculture issues. He works with other NGOs and networks to strengthen the civil society voice in the Latin American region.

Mishari Al-Saud
Mishari Al-Saud
Environmental Development Organization (Faseel)

Mishari Al-Saud is a young professional and researcher who believes that sustainability is achievable. Currently a PhD researcher in nuclear and sustainable energy and economy at Tsinghua University in China, Mishari is an active volunteer, a Global Shaper (WEF initiative), and the co-founder and chairman of the Environmental Development Association (Faseel).

Mishari got involved in R&D when he joined King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Later, Mishari returned and worked for two years on establishing strategic partnerships with world-class entities, developing feasibility studies, and initiating projects in the environmental and sustainable energy sectors of Saudi Arabia.

Mishari was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and obtained his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Alfaisal University and was trained at AREVA in France. Mishari continued his educational journey and obtained an M.Sc in Sustainable Nuclear Engineering from IMT-Atlantique in France, and an M.Sc in Management specialization in the management of the energy sector from the University of Liverpool.