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Corruption is a scourge that can be found in different forms all around the world. It is a major barrier to prosperity and equality, erodes trust in government, affects economic and financial stability, threatens investment and curtails the basic rights of citizens.

In a context in which large-scale, cross-border corruption cases are becoming increasingly frequent, national level efforts to combat corruption often fall short. International spaces such as the G20 are essential to allow governments to coordinate their anti-corruption policies.

The C20’s Anti-corruption Working Group aims to make anti-corruption one of the key priorities for the Japanese G20 presidency, including anti-corruption measures in all G20 work-streams with a particular focus on:

  • Infrastructure
  • Public Ethics and Integrity
  • Gender and corruption
Hideki Wakabayashi
Hideki Wakabayashi
Local coordinator, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation – JANIC.
M. Emilia Berazategui
M. Emilia Berazategui
International coordinator, Transparency International.