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What is the C20?

Civil 20 (C20) is one of the seven Engagement Groups of the G20. It is characterized as a specific space through which civil society organizations from different parts of the world can contribute in a structured and sustained manner to the G20, thus ensuring that world leaders listen not only to the voices representing the governmental and business sectors, but also to the proposals and demands of civil society as a whole.

The objective of this Engagement Group is to generate spaces to discuss and build, through transparent and inclusive processes, high-level policy papers to be presented to the G20 in order to influence it.

How does it work?

Similarly to the G20, the C20 does not have a permanent structure, so it does not  have a permanent secretariat, or central offices or officials. It also has a rotating presidency that changes annually.

In recent years, the C20 adopted as a work modality the division into different specific Work Groups from which different topics are addressed in depth, and high-level policy papers are prepared and then presented to the G20.

Bearing in mind that G20 and the C20 are global spaces, both local and international organizations that wish to discuss issues on the global agenda with an impact on the G20 can  participate in the C20.

The final result of all the C20 work  is reflected in the final communiqué of the C20.

Previous C20

The C20 obtained its recognition as Engagement Group of the G20 in 2013. Becoming stronger and more relevant in the field of the G20.

Although the work themes and priorities of each C20 have varied from year to year, all the C20s have always sought to reflect the perspective and experience of civil society in a diverse range of topics.

In this section you will find all the C20s final communiqués: