C20 Sends Open Letter to G20 Employment Ministers

The Civil Society Engagement Group (C20) has sent an Open Letter to the G20 Employment Ministerial meeting. The letter includes key civil society asks to prioritize inclusivity, human rights, and social justice in labor market policies. The response to the COVID-19 crisis should be one that tailors to those left behind, including precarious and informal workers, healthcare workers, women, refugees, domestic workers, people living in working poverty, care workers, people with disabilities, and immigrant workers.

C20’s letter also highlighted that G20 officials should not rush toward economic reopening, but rather be cautious and guided by science and public health experts as to when, how, and the incrementalism necessary to gradually and safely put workers back with the greatest care, protection, and safety.

The Open Letter provided detailed policy recommendations on safe work environments, workplace preventative measures needed, and the elements of a just recovery in employment with a great emphasis on social protection coverage, adequacy, and wage support.

Click Here to Download the Open Letter.

C20 Open Letter to G20 Employment Ministers111
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