C20 Releases Statement to Joint Finance-Health Ministers Meeting

The Civil 20-a consortium of more than 850+ civil society organizations from more than 80 countries, that works on relaying the expert opinion of civil society to all G20 streams of work, just released a statement with 7 recommendations addressed to the upcoming G20 Joint Finance & Health Ministers Meeting:

1) Invest in a Collaborative Global Response to COVID-19: including our recommendations on the costing and investments needed to strengthen the global response to the pandemic while investing putting the systems in place to enhance future pandemic preparedness
2) Bridge the urgent funding gaps to prevent deadly secondary impacts of COVID-19, create an enabling environment for the implementation of the ACT Accelerator, and protect against any emerging infectious disease
3) Prioritize the Strengthening of Health Systems in the Global South and for vulnerable people
4) Uphold Human Rights in Global Health by Leaving No One Behind
5) Commit to Accountability, Transparency, and Public Scrutiny
6) Commit to Continuity of G20 Health Financing Policy by Establishing a Joint Finance-Health Ministerial Meeting Annually
7) Adopt Financial and Systemic Reforms in Support of Equitable Recovery

Click here to read the full statement. 

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