C20 presented recommendations to G20 Health Working Group

»C20 presented recommendations to G20 Health Working Group

C20 was invited to present to the 1st G20 Health Working Group (HWG) on 28 February 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

Tomoko Fukuda, Noriyo Washizu and Daisuke Imoto, on behalf of C20 Global Health Working Group, presented for the topics of 1) UHC, 2) Ageing Society, and 3) Health Risk Management & Health Security.

Key recommendations are as follows:

The Achievement of UHC

– Increasing both international (ODA 0.7% GDI) and domestic (5% GDP) financial resources for health
– Ensuring sustainable financing in the process of transitioning from external financing to domestic resources
– Developing and implementing policies that “leaves no one behind”
– Recognizing the role and ensuring meaningful participation of civil society
– Realizing a people-centered approach
– Making the most of Health & Finance Minister’s meeting
– Ensuring tangible outcomes from the UN HLM on UHC
– Strengthening UHC through existing health initiatives

Response to Ageing Societies

– Reduce exposure to major risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diet to lower risk of NCDs
– Ensure multi-stakeholder response to dementia to include the voices of people living with dementia and their carers
– Lead on and inspire the development and implementation of funded National Dementia Plans and strategies

Health Risk Management & Health Security

– Ensure responses are properly funded and rapidly assessed
– Review performance and collaboration of existing stakeholders
– Hear civil society voices, engage communities, and make available funding for their response
– Recognize humanitarian health crisis in post-disaster, countries in conflict, failed states, and post-conflict affected areas
– Integrate wider findings from biology, area studies, sociology and anthropology for comprehensive prevention strategies
– Accelerate R&D of diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases
– Support public health driven AMR R&D initiatives, promote responsible use, while ensuring stewardship and sustainable access for all
– Support both “push” and “pull” interventions as market incentives
– Improve dialogue between G20 countries and create mechanisms for global coordination and administration of market interventions

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You can read the purpose of each working group through the following link:

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