C20 Passes the Torch to Civil Society in Saudi Arabia

On November 19th, 2019 the Civil Society Engagement Group handed over its presidency to continue its process in Saudi Arabia during 2020. The handover ceremony took place in Tokyo, Japan and was held in parallel with a panel where the C20 steering committee members discussed building on the C20 advocacy efforts in order to impact the G20 leaders’ priorities.

The 2020 C20 Chair, Nouf bint Muhammad, praised the Japanese leadership and dedication to mobilize global civil society in order to sustain previous C20 contributions to G20 policy making. In addition, she assured members of civil society that the C20 in 2020 is committed to carrying the remarkable legacy that the Civil Society Engagement Group has established in previous years and ended her remarks by welcoming civil society around the world to Saudi Arabia in the upcoming year.

The 2020 C20 will kick-off its process starting from January 12th, 2020 and is expected to hold the C20 Summit on October 6th, 2020.

The full 2020 C20 Chair speech can be found below.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our dear friends of civil society from around the world,

It is my great honour today, to join you here in Tokyo to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the C20 Japan 2019 year of success. This year was full of challenges and tight schedules, but our expert, passionate, and dedicated friends from the Japanese civil society were able to thrive, and take our engagement group to a pioneering role within the G20 community in commitment to continuity, governance, inclusivity, and direct impact on G20 policy making.

Our Chair Yuka Iwatsuki and our Co-Chair Atsuko Miwa were great leaders in ensuring inclusive consensus-building among C20 members, committees, and leads. They were our strongest advocates by delivering C20 positions to the highest level of government officials throughout the G20 year. I would like to thank them for their dedication and strong leadership.

This success could not be possible without the rest of the Japanese team, C20 Sherpa Masaki Inaba, and C20 Sous-Sherpa Aoi Horiuchi. They were instrumental in keeping the discussions flowing, in maintaining the inclusiveness of all thoughts and ideas, in delivering C20 strong presence all around the world. We saw them working hard in Tokyo, in New York, in Seoul, and everywhere they go, carrying the C20 cause with them, and ensuring the highest level of coordination and representation of all C20 members. We thank them for their hard work, and we congratulate them for a successful year of advocacy.

I would also like to express my great gratitude to the Steering Committee members, to the International Advisory Committee members, and to each local and international coordinator of the C20 working groups.

This year was truly remarkable for the C20 Engagement Group, we were all able to show the G20 community our commitment to governance and continuity, by agreeing on the C20 Principles for the benefit of all upcoming C20 presidencies. I would like to especially thank everyone who worked on this historical document, and we assure you that our presidency will maintain and strongly commit to upholding the principles and values we all share for the continued success of our Engagement Group.

Another remarkable differentiator for the great C20 Japanese presidency was the creation of the C20 Digital Economy Taskforce to mirror the same taskforce at the G20 side. We applaud the great advocacy agenda for the taskforce, and its commitment to ensure an inclusive, sustainable and fair future as digitalization grows in our world. I look forward to maintaining this taskforce and ensuring it takes its growing place in the C20 agenda.

We look forward to start assuming the responsibility of carrying the C20 legacy and trying to keep up the great momentum and impact. We will do our best to serve you and the global civil society community in ensuring proper access and influence of our working group to all G20 government discussions. We will push for all C20 positions to be presented, heard, and adopted at every Sherpa meeting, every ministerial meeting, every working group meeting, and maintaining C20’s continuous presence at the International Media Center during the Leaders’ Summit.

We look forward to working closely with you next year, starting from January 12th (our kick off meeting), through March 22nd (for the Face to Face meeting) until the 2020 C20 Summit on October 6th. Those proposed dates are going to be finalized very soon as our 2020 C20 Steering Committee gets to business in the coming days, and as the 2020 G20 fits it into the busy 2020 meetings schedule. Please book your calendars, join us as we get closer to the new G20 presidency, and share with us your ideas and suggestions so we meet your expectations.

I look forward to our future discussions, and I can’t wait to welcome you all in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia very soon.”

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