C20 Opens Call for Proposals for C20 Summit

As we gear up towards the biggest gathering of Civil Society in the G20 process, the C20 Secretariat is pleased to launch a Call for Session Proposals for the C20 2020 Virtual Summit that will take place from Tuesday, October 6th to Saturday, October 10th. The call for proposals is open to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), CSO networks, and advocates from all fields.

Please note that we will do our best to accept all proposals, but there will be limited available time to accommodate many panels and sessions. Proposals jointly sponsored with other CSOs – especially from other regions of the world – are highly encouraged. We may request some organizations to refine their proposals and consider merging sessions with other organizations that submitted similar proposals.

We are looking to provide a balanced program with valuable sessions for all participants. Special attention will be paid to the following criteria:

  • Thematic relevance of the proposals to C20 and G20 policy areas
  • Fair balance of representation: geographic, gender, and people with disabilities… etc.
  • Inclusion of subject matter experts
  • Ensuring policy beneficiaries are part of the discussion: people representing disadvantaged groups affected by global policies
  • Interactive formats of delivery are encouraged with the audience to ensure a greater level of participation and inclusion

Please make sure your proposal includes:

  •  Focal point to be contacted for follow up on the submission (name, affiliation and email)
  •  Relevance to C20 and G20 policy areas
  •  Session Title
  •  Session Description – short description of session, including focus, scope, and objectives.
  •  Expected outcome of the session
  •  Session Format – duration and mode of delivery (discussion panel, workshop, hackathon, debate, paper/report presentation, etc)
  •  Proposed speakers/panelists – name, gender, affiliation, country and email for each speaker
  •  Session organizer, including name, gender, affiliation, country and email

All proposals, without exception, must be submitted in a Word format by email to C20Summit@kkf.org.sa no later than July 27th, 2020. 

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