C20 Launches its 2020 Policy Pack

the Civil Society Engagement Group has published its 2020 Civil 20 Policy Pack, which includes 11 policy papers addressing G20 priorities for this year, along with maintaining the continuity of civil society demands to G20 Leaders from previous years. You can access the full document here

The C20 policy papers have been developed through an extensive consultation process, guided by our principles of inclusivity, transparency, independence, collaboration, human rights, gender equality, and women empowerment, representing the views of over 750 Civil Society members worldwide, including from non-G20 countries, the Global South, and Small Island Developing Nations.

As Civil Society Organizations, we act as vehicles for citizens’ empowerment and work on enhancing governmental accountability and transparency. We hope to provide, through the C20 policy pack, critical insights and actionable recommendations that achieve equality and justice, especially for vulnerable communities, while protecting our planet, and fulfilling the promise of leaving no one behind.

We acknowledges the great efforts by everyone who contributed to the making of the Policy Pack including our C20 Working Group members and leads, C20 Steering Committee members, and C20 International Advisory Committee members. The C20 will continue working in advocating for global civil society’s demands in the coming months leading up to the C20 Summit in October 2020. 

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