C20 Joins G20 Engagement Groups in Calling on the G20 to Prioritize Education & Employment as Part of Global Pandemic Preparedness

The C20 has issued a joint statement today in collaboration with the G20 Engagement Groups of B20, L20, T20, W20, and Y20, who are collectively calling for the prioritization of access to education and employment as part of global pandemic preparedness and response policy making. The statement strongly advocates for the expanded provision of social protection, fostering global citizenship with future skills for future work, and harnessing the potential of a human-centric, ethical, and inclusive digital economy that leaves no one behind.

The joint statement also recommends increased public spending on education to at least 15% to 20% of national expenditure, and asks G20 countries to immediately extend debt payment suspension to 2021. Other recommendations ask for promoting lifelong learning, early childhood education & care, and global citizenship education; as well as overcoming identity-based discrimination, gender-based violence, worker exploitation, and cyber bullying.

The C20 is determined to foster a united voice of G20 policy advocacy to help push the agenda of education and employment forward in the lead up to the G20 Ministerial Meetings on Education and Employment in September, and the G20 Leaders’ Summit in November.

Access the full statement here.

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