C20 Hosts Virtual Meetings with G20 Officials

In recognition of the global threat posed by COVID-19, the Civil Society Engagement Group to the G20 (C20) transformed its Face-to-Face meetings to virtual convenings.

From 22 March to 2 April members of C20 and representatives of civil society will hold one-on-one virtual dialogues with representatives of:

  • G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group
  • G20 Infrastructure Working Group
  • G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group
  • G20 Education Working Group
  • G20 Health Working Group
  • G20 Digital Economy Task Force
  • G20 Development Working Group
  • G20 Environment Working Group

The 2020 C20 is committed to its pledge of ensuring diverse and inclusive participation by civil society in the G20 process, and opening up this participation to civil society organizations, particularly from the Global South. The virtual format allows representatives from all corners of the world to engage while at the same time prioritizing the health of participants.

C20 reiterates its call on all G20 leaders to fully prioritize building resilient health systems, and supporting research that is needs-driven, evidence- based and adheres to the principles of affordability, equity and accessibility.

2020-03-22T00:17:24+06:00 March 22nd, 2020|