The Steering and International Advisory Committees of the C20 Meet to Discuss Civil Society Engagement in the 2020 G20 Process

  • Reaffirming commitment to the C20 principles, the group discussed ways to increase civil society participation in the G20 process, while ensuring diversity and inclusion in the C20 structure
  • They also planned for the upcoming C20 Kickoff Meeting taking place in Riyadh in January

The Steering and International Advisory committees of the C20 convened on 19 December, 2019 to kick start the G20’s civil society engagement group (C20) activities for 2020. Convened by Nouf bint Muhammad, Chair of the C20, participants discussed opportunities for C20 to engage with different G20 tracks.

The Committees discussed the C20 Kickoff Meeting, set to take place in Riyadh in January, that will act as the inaugural event for the engagement group, bringing together key civil society delegates to set a clear direction for the civil society agenda for the year and increase engagement among global civil society organizations. 

The C20 is the vehicle for civil society groups to engage and impact policy creation of the G20 and acts as an inclusive and representative forum in line with the C20 Principles.

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