C20 Handover Event – “Larger Voices of Civil Society for G20 towards a Sustainable World”

»C20 Handover Event – “Larger Voices of Civil Society for G20 towards a Sustainable World”

C20 Handover Event – “Larger Voices of Civil Society for G20 towards a Sustainable World”

Since 2013, when Russia hosted G20 Summit, “C20(Civil 20) Summit“, an official engagement group by civil society of G20, has been delivering people’s voices to the G20 leaders and influencing policies developed by G20 from civil society side.

In 2019, global civil society organized a series of policy advocacy for G20 Summit through various dialogues between civil society and G20 governments, and submitted “C20 Policy Pack 2019” to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the G20 Presidency in 2019, as well as the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka and related Ministerial Meetings. Civil society influenced G20 agenda significantly on numerous issues such as health and education.

C20’s continuity and significance are based on the concepts below;

1) Policy recommendations for the G20 agenda are formed from the standpoint of an independent and free-willed civil society
2) C20 Summit and advocacy are organized based on the values presented in the “C20 Guiding Principles” agreed this year (2019)

In this handover event, the outcomes of C20 and further continuity of C20 process will be discussed, and the future C20 plan, through the appropriate C20 framework -including Steering Committee (SC) and International Advisory Committee (IAC), and C20 Guiding Principles– will be presented by the hosting organization in 2020.

Date & Time13:00-17:00, Monday, 18 November 2019
Venue: Britt Memorial Hall, Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures
Address: University of the Sacred Heart, 4-2-24 Hiro-o, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access: https://kyosei.u-sacred-heart.ac.jp/en/access/
Languages: English (simultaneous translation with Japanese will be provided)


Part 1: Opening Plenary Session “Outcomes of G20 Osaka Summit and C20 Summit”

-Opening Remarks: Yuka Iwatsuki, Chair, C20
-Congratulatory Remarks: “The importance of G20 and Civil Society Participation”, Government of Japan (tba)

Part 2: Issue-based Plenary Sessions “Outcomes of C20: Thematic Reviews”

Agenda 1: SDGs, Health, Education, Gender etc.
Agenda 2: Environment, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Infrastructure
Agenda 3: Trade & Investment, Science and Technology Innovation, Financial Architecture
Agenda 4: Participatory Democracy, Youth, Social Responsibility, Anti-Corruption

Part 3: Hand-Over Event towards the G20 Saudi Arabia 2020

-Introducing C20 Troika 2020 (Japan, Saudi Arabia and Italy)
-Keynote Speech: The Plan of C20 Saudi Arabia: expectations and challenges (tbd); Her Highness Princess Nouf bin-Muhammad, CEO, King Khalid Foundation, Saudi Arabia
-Panel Discussion: Towards C20 Summit 2020 (panelists will be announced soon)
-Closing Remarks: Atsuko Miwa, Co-Chair, C20

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