Sustainability: Climate, Energy and the Environment

We need a rapid and simultaneous strategic long-term implementation of the Paris Agreement.

G20 countries have to play a key role in rapid implementation of the agreement. Not only do the G20 countries comprise of about 80% of the global emissions but also have the ability to show the way for other countries to pursue efforts to limit emissions, build resilience and recalibrate financial flows towards these ends.  G20 countries should be the first ones to be pursue national and cooperative actions towards making their economic development compatible with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and using sustainable development goals agreed within Agenda 2030 as a starting point.

Among others, ambitious 2050 long term strategies to ensure global decarbonization in the context of adequate socio-economic development, building resilience for the poorest and most vulnerable as a priority, building new infrastructure and addressing existing carbon intensive infrastructure to be in line with article 2 of the Paris Agreement, agreeing to an end-date for negative CO2 price due to fossil fuel subsidies and looking into positive price signal for carbon, pursuing efforts to accelerate globally renewable energy initiatives like Africa Renewable Energy Initiative and International Solar Alliance, transforming finance institutions to enable them to shift the trillions for a fair transition, ensuring adequate stress test for major companies in line with objectives of the Paris Agreement and long term 2050 strategies will be addressed.

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