Global Health

Global health will for the first time be a standing item on the official G20 agenda during the German G20 presidency. The German government is likely to focus on lessons learned from the Ebola crisis and tackling antimicrobial resistances, ensuring alignment with the G7’s focus on global health since the German G7 presidency in 2015. In particular in the Agenda 2030 area of global health, the G20 must ensure that health is not defined narrowly as crisis management: Every person has a right to health. Including global health in C20 workstreams and in the C20 Summit would ensure a stronger interlinkage of civil society organizations nationally and internationally, and strengthen the multi-sectoral approach required to ensure the right to health for all, and the 2030 Agenda’s goal to “leave no one behind”.

This group will focus on antimicrobial resistance, global pandemies, universal health coverage, health systems strengthening, as well as a coherent and financially coordinated global health policy and a strengthening of the WHO.

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