Agriculture, Water and Food Security

Agriculture, water and food security are central topics of the 2030 Agenda. While agriculture is being discussed in the G20, it mostly focuses on production and productivity. Topics will include digitalization and AMR, as well as the use of water. Yet, the G20 should focus more strongly on small-holder farmers as they are most affected by hunger and malnutrition. Water is only regarded as a source, water pollution is not supposed to be addressed by the German G20 presidency.

The “Leave no one behind” principle is a cornerstone of the SDGs. Thus, especially small-holder farmers and their families, one of the groups most affected by food insecurity, the lack of access to water, and hunger should be at the center stage of the G20. Civil society should address what is needed to enforce farmers’ rights and thus improve their lives. This includes mechanisms to ensure access to water, sustainable use of water resources and the right to reproduce seeds.

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