C20 Recommendations to the G20


C20 Narrative: Globalization – There are a Thousand Alternatives


C20 Recommendations to the G20:

Agriculture and Food Security

Environment and Water

Global Health

Inequality, Gender and Social Protection

Reform of the International Financial System

Responsible Investment and the Role of the Private Sector

Sustainability: Climate and Energy


Taskforce on Digitalisation


G20 Statement for Open and Inclusive Societies by the facilitating organisations of C20 and other engagement groups


Joint Statement for a Sustainable Energy Transition by the C20 Sustainability Working Group, the B20 Climate & Resource Efficiency Task Force and the T20 Climate Policy and Finance Task Force


Terms of Reference for Steering Committee, Working Groups and Secretariat

C20_2017_Steering Committee ToR final

C20_2017_Working Groups ToR final

C20_2017_Secretariat ToR final