C20 Working Groups Developed Recommendations

On 16 and 17 February, the Civil20 held a work meeting in Berlin. The six C20 Working Groups had intense sessions to work on their recommendations to the G20, which they will now finalise during the following two weeks.

Early on Thursday, participants discussed with Dr. Ralf Retter from the G20 Sherpa staff at the Federal Chancellery. After a short presentation of the German priorities on the G20 agenda, participants asked questions. Among others, Dr. Retter acknowledged that the G20 agenda still has substantial flexibilities and invited C20 to make bold statements that the German presidency will consider.

Participants also discussed the C20 narrative as a response to the narrative of the G20, presented by the presidency. The C20 narrative describes the way globalisation should be managed to work for all, be more just and in line with planetary boundaries.

In the following one and a half days, participants met in their respective C20 Working Groups to discuss recommendations to the G20. These will be formed into policy briefs which the C20 will present to the G20 Sherpas during the second Sherpa meeting on 23-24 March at Frankfurt. This is one of the few possibilities that the C20 has been offered to formally interact with the G20. We are however working on more channels to interact with G20 working groups and ministerial meetings. During this meeting, the Working Groups already had some interaction with representatives of relevant German ministries. Further advocacy opportunities have been identified and will be followed-up on in the coming weeks.