C20 Policy Recommendations to the G20

The C20 has published its policy recommendations to the G20. In seven policy briefs, the C20 Working Groups call among others for substantial space for civil society and civic participation in policy-making, the establishment of a UN intergovernmental tax body, a rapid implementation of the Paris climate agreement, ensuring that infrastructure projects are sustainable and climate-resilient, strengthening the World Health Organization, and ensuring water and the environment are treated as public goods.

The C20 recommendations have been shared with the G20 presidency and the G20 Sherpas, and will be used for advocacy efforts in all G20 countries.


Please find the C20 recommendations to the G20 here:

Agriculture and Food Security

Environment and Water

Global Health

Inequality, Gender and Social Protection

Reform of the International Financial System

Responsible Investment and the Role of the Private Sector

Sustainability: Climate and Energy